Solid Waste Recycling and Composting

The City of Madera provides all residential customers with a GRAY garbage container, a GREEN yard waste/organics container and a BLUE recycling container.

The GRAY garbage container is only for household garbage. Use your GRAY garbage cart for household garbage only. Please do not fill it with extra-heavy items such as large quantities of dirt, rocks, concrete, asphalt, lumber or construction debris. Do not fill it with bulky items such as furniture or appliances. Do not put hazardous waste, televisions, hot ashes, or other flammable materials in your container. Do not place yard waste in your garbage container, place it in your green yard waste container see section below.

Use your GREEN yard waste/organics container for all of your yard trimmings, grass and food scraps. Acceptable materials include: grass clippings, prunings, and leaves. The following materials are unacceptable and must be placed in your GRAY garbage container: household garbage, large tree branches, palm fronds and yucca plants. If you continually place unacceptable materials in your green waste cart you may be subject to a fine.

Use your BLUE recycling container for all your recyclable material. Acceptable materials include: all paper products, all cardboard, flattened cereal and dry food boxes, all plastics, all metal, small appliances and glass. DO NOT place diapers, rubber hoses, carpets, clothing, styrofoam, food, soiled paper, batteries, hazardous waste, televisions, hot ashes or other flammable materials in your BLUE container. DO NOT overfill your container. If you continually place unacceptable materials in your blue waste cart you may be subject to a fine.

Ron Prestridge, Solid Waste & Recycling Manager

1030 S. Gateway Drive
Madera, CA 93637
Phone: (559) 661-5406
Fax: (559) 661-0760