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City of Madera posts mysterious MaderaProud countdown on new website

The City of Madera has launched a new website featuring a countdown clock ticking away towards something unclear. A background picture of Madera’s historic City Hall building displays behind large text that reads “#MADERAPROUD“, a hashtag commonly used on social media by Maderans as a way to celebrate their hometown. The timer appears to be counting down to just over 12 days from now (noon on… Read More

[BLOG] Prop 47: Fact or fiction?

Steve Frazier, City of Madera Chief of Police: To those I had the opportunity to speak with in person, I had criticized the effects of Prop 47 indicating that I would create my next blog on that very subject. Since then, I am seeing more and more articles coming out that point to California cities… Read More

Madera ranked third in state for National Night Out success

The City of Madera has been ranked 3rd in the State of California by the National Association of Town Watch for its participation in National Night Out 2016. City of Madera Community Outreach Coordinator Saleh Alhomedi detailed the accomplishments with community members representing local Neighborhood Watch groups, public safety representatives, and elected officials at a meeting Wednesday… Read More

Notice of council reorganization

The City Council of the City of Madera, at its Regular Meeting held on Wednesday, December 7, 2016, reorganized as follows:   MAYOR ANDREW J. MEDELLIN (Mayor Term Ending December 2020)   MAYOR PRO TEM CECE FOLEY GALLEGOS (District 1) (Mayor Pro Tem Term Ending December 2017) (Council Member Term Ending December 2018)   COUNCIL… Read More

Madera’s first inclusive playground now open

The City of Madera has opened its first inclusive playground at Centennial Park on Thursday — designed from the ground up to be accessible to all children. The new inclusive playground at Centennial Park features amenities hand-picked by residents at various community input meetings held by the City of Madera Parks & Community Services Department. “This playground… Read More

April 6, 2017

City of Madera to offer free Small Business Workshop program to local entrepreneurs

Starting a business is exciting — and scary. The City of Madera offers the Small Business Workshop Series at NO COST designed to take the fear away.

April 5, 2017

[BLOG] Let’s talk #MaderaProud

Madera Water Tower

David Tooley, City of Madera Administrator: My journey here in the City of Madera began almost 24 years ago…