This Division provides for the maintenance and operation of the City’s water system. Their goal is to provide a safe, efficient and continuous supply of fresh water, ensuring the potability of the City’s water supply.

They are responsible for 19 groundwater wells, with another new well under construction, the Loy E. Cook 1-million gallon water storage tower and over 200 miles of water distribution pipe lines.  They are mandated by State and Federal regulations to keep a variety of records regarding water production and consumption, testing for biological and mineral contaminants, system performance and frequency and type of water treatment.  They administer the Water Waste Patrol program and oversee a city wide cross connection control and backflow prevention program as well as testing, repairing and certifying City owned backflow devices.

They frequently interact with the public, providing assistance when emergency repairs are needed as well as responding to questions from the public regarding water  and sewer concerns.

How do our water systems work?

Water System Master Plan

Water Restriction Policy