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CalHome program in Madera provides funds to assist homeowners with repairs

The City of Madera is looking to assist as many eligible households as possible by restoring their homes to meet the Uniform Building Code and “safe, decent and sanitary” standards established by the City of Madera’s Building Division. The CalHome Owner Occupied Rehabilitation Program provides funds to assist homeowners make repairs that affect life and safety… Read More

Madera announces participation in 2017 National Night Out

The City of Madera announced that it will once again participate in the National Association of Town Watch’s annual National Night Out campaign, this year, unveiling plans to host two special community-focused events. The first event – National Night Out – will take place on August 1st, 2017, and will focus on uniting neighbors in… Read More

Introducing “MyWater Madera” – mobile app and web portal for managing water usage

The City of Madera is thrilled to announce that residents can now track and manage their water usage and utility accounts right from the palms of their hands using the City’s new mobile application and web portal – MyWater Madera. Features Include: Track and manage water usage patterns Exclusive water conservation tips and rebate opportunities… Read More

Cooling Centers available in Madera during sweltering temperatures

**PLEASE BE ADVISED, THIS POST IS FREQUENTLY UPDATED** Due to anticipated excessive heat, City of Madera Cooling Centers will open Monday, August 28, 2017 – Friday, September 1, 2017 at the hours and locations listed below.   Cooling Center Locations/Hours: Pan Am Community Center 703 East Sherwood Way, Madera, CA, 93638 (559) 675-2095 8:00am-8:00pm *Monday-Friday Frank Bergon… Read More

City of Madera announces live and on-demand streaming of city council meetings

Residents can now watch City Council meetings LIVE or post-meeting anytime from the comfort of their homes or office. The public can view scheduled meetings on the City’s new website at (click on the “LIVE” link displayed in the top menu) or by navigating directly to the City of Madera’s LIVE webpage at…. Read More

September 11, 2017

Water schedule now permits watering 3 days a week in Madera

Sprinkler waters grass

(Madera, CA) – Effective September 6, 2017, Level B Water Use Regulations will be implemented for all City of Madera residents. As a result, watering days will increase from two days per week to three.

Level B Water Schedule:

  • All outside WATER USE is prohibited every day between 10:00 A.M. and 7:00 P.M.
  • All outside WATER USE is prohibited on Mondays
  • Odd-numbered addresses can water on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Even-numbered addresses can water on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday

The City of Madera would like to remind residents that landscape irrigation consumes over half of the water used around most homes. Many people tend to water too often and leave the sprinklers on for too long. Though the City is moving to a watering schedule where increased watering days are available, it is important that residents continue to conserve where they can and use only as much water as necessary.

The City offers the MyWater Madera web portal and mobile application for iOS and Android to help residents monitor their water usage. Please see the water conservation resources on the City’s website for more information.

Additionally, the City continues to offer rebates for timers, turf replacement and other water saving devices; more information is available on the city’s website at For questions on water regulations, or to report abuses, residents can call (559) 661-5466 weekdays from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. or (559) 230-7467 at any other time.

Vonny McPherson • Water Meter/Conservation Supervisor
P: (559) 661-4932


August 10, 2017

[BLOG] Without water, there is no life

We have a duty to be transparent about what we need to do and why we need to do it.  Nobody likes to see rate increases – that includes the City Council and members of the City staff.  We live here, too.  The reality is the more we choose to defer rate increases the more likely older parts of the water system may begin to fail, leaving you without safe, drinkable water; our ability to attract new business to Madera and create new jobs for our children and grandchildren is limited or lost; and we set the stage for the City to die.  Without water, there is no life.